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What We Do

We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services which are designed to meet strict criteria and conform to guidelines laid down by the regulatory body. We have a high level of governance in place with monitoring & audit processes, ensuring we are delivering an optimal service. Our scans are performed by experienced and skilled clinical staff, all of which are UK registered with the relevant governing bodies and have extensive experience in both the NHS and private sectors. Our ultrasound equipment is of high quality and is regularly inspected and maintained. We are proud to offer a fast and efficient turn around time and an urgent scan time promise. This ensures quicker results and reduces waiting times, patient anxiety and inconvenience.

Mobile Ultrasound

Our mobile ultrasound services deliver ultrasound services from a wide range of locations and environments. allowing convenience to service users and clinicians alike. The service is strictly monitored in line with effective governance procedures that are parallel to NHS services with stringent quality controls that allow for a safe and efficient working environment for all.

Ultrasound Training & Education

We also provide healthcare professionals, such as GP’s, training & education in medical ultrasound. Our staff are registered with the Faculty of Sexual Healthcare & Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. For further information on this please contact us.


Case Study – South West Essex PCT

logo_SW_Essex_PCTSonology Medical is providing high quality community ultrasound services to South West Essex Primary Care Trust. This is an all inclusive service and has been implemented through our premier diagnostic ultrasound clinics. Our state of the art technology, expert health imaging professionals, robust quality control & booking and appointment systems have been instrumental to the success in providing a premier community ultrasound service to the residents and General Practitioners of South West Essex.


Our objectives were simple: reduce patient waiting times, reduce lengthy travelling for patients, reduce turnaround time for reports sent back to GP’s, decrease the pressure for the local acute hospitals and increase patient satisfaction whilst ensuring the PCT receive a substantial cost reduction.

Our Role:

We were able to provide a high quality, tailored diagnostic imaging solution incorporating a complete wide range of customized options including

  • Custom built referral & booking systems
  • Offering a wide range of ultrasound examinations comparable to those offered in many NHS trust hospitals
  • Issuing comprehensive and precise results back to referrers.
  • Auditing and data analysis systems in line with NHS standards
  • Clinical Governance & Policy implementation
  • Engage with stakeholders & partners
  • Reduce hospital workloads
  • Increase overall patient experience and satisfaction

Our NHS services aim to:


Waiting time for ultrasound appointments & Urgent scans Satisfaction
Time taken for reports to be received by Clinicians Convenience
DNA rates Referral throughput
Distances traveled by patients for scans Quality of Care


Quality of Care
Referral Throughput

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