The Scan Clinic

The Scan Clinic was conceived to bring you an ‘Insight to better health

with an emphasis on a high quality, affordable private diagnostic services. This statement is the key driver behind our values, ethos and goals. We believe that healthcare diagnostics should be about providing clients with further knowledge and information about their body, with the ultimate goal of increasing health and vitality.
Our flagship clinic is located in Lakeside Retail Park. We are proudly associated with Lloyds Pharmacy, one of the UK’s largest & leading community pharmacies, to bring a modern and comfortable environment, which use the latest diagnostic ultrasound technology & expert health professionals to assist in the diagnosis of a wide range of health conditions and problems. Our services include scans for both men and women including pregnancy with 3D/4D options.
The potential of ultrasound in diagnosis can be seen in the wide variety of ultrasound services we offer. Our scans are pain free, non-invasive, safe, and affordable using the latest in ultrasound technology. You will be in the safe hands of our expert healthcare professionals, who will be able to provide you with instant results and after-care advice. Depending on availability, we can even see you on the same day of calling.

Our pregnancy services aim to compliment your NHS scans and in addition provide a more intimate and unique experience. We also offer a wide range of luxurious keepsakes that we hope you will treasure forever.
The Scan Clinic is composed of a team of professionals, all of whom are dedicated and highly experienced at what they do. All of our staff have considerable experience and expertise in the Ultrasound field with proven experience in both the NHS and private sectors.

A regulated healthcare provider

We & are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and also an approved NHS services provider allowing certain GP’s to refer their patients directly to our private clinic for diagnostic imaging. We aim to provide an efficient service with short waiting times for appointments and speedy results back to the referrer.



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